Full Turnkey Solution Provider

Nexus Green offers complete turnkey solar power solutions that start from site surveys, feasibility reports, design, production of solar supplies and installation to commissioning and maintenance of Solar Power Plants. Our world class solar technology delivered by experienced and well- respected delivery partners ensures affordable, clean and reliable solar energy.

We have proven capabilities in both on and off-grid solar installations, quality assurance and strong trusted relationships are the backbone of the business. Our highly skilled EPC team ensures the completion of each solar plant from concept to commissioning including full training for hand over at the completion of the contract.

We provide real-time and historical data, performance-based alerts, web-based monitoring.

Nexus Green through all their contractual undertakings work in accordance with fully reportable. We offer timely reports on generation and routine activities through development and deployment of systems to retrieve and manage power generation data through suitable monitoring systems. Our end to end delivery platform ensures we deliver the vision our clients task us with.

Why choose a turnkey solar power installation from Nexus Green?

Proven track record: We’ve been doing business for more than 10 years, and we’ve installed a large number of solar power systems for a depth of expertise that’s unmatched in the industry.

Easy, efficient process: We are your single point of contact, which means you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors, plans, and schedules. We manage every aspect of your project, so you have complete visibility into the process from beginning to end.

Lower costs: We’re not locked into any particular technology or vendor. We find the optimal solution for your needs, and then leverage the full buying power of our company to negotiate the best deal. Our dedicated engineering team continually evaluates technologies, operating procedures, and policies so we can deliver maximum performance at an affordable price.

All countries have a commitment to reducing carbon emissions in order to address the impact of climate change after the Paris Agreement in 2015 and are turning to renewable energy sources such as solar power.

The advantage for countries that have an abundance of good sunlight is both a reliable and freely available energy source once installed. Solar panels generate free clean electricity during daytime hours that can be used on sites, lowering business demand for energy from the grid and saving many thousands of pounds in energy bills.

Financial stability energy prices are predicted to sharply rise over the next decade as demand increases, solar panels enable us to dramatically reduce the costs and dependency on volatile commodity markets, making financial forecasting much easier. Low risk investment  Solar PV is a reliable and safe investment.

Solar batteries work by storing energy produced by solar panels for later use, having a good life span, battery storage supports the continued use of renewable energy as the day draws to a close, expanding the amount of time that clean energy is provided to organisations that are committed to a sustainable and cost effective clean energy future.

How Nexus green’s Solar Battery Storage work

Surplus energy also has the potential to be sold to the grid and with the growth of excellent battery storage units, lower income countries are able to reap huge benefits in reaching communities that have little or no access to energy across the country.

Reliable & ECO FRIENDLY Solar Street Lighting

Governments across Africa recognize the importance of meeting the safety and security concerns of their citizens out on the streets and roads. Government’s like Uganda recognize that significant upfront costs of street lights can be reduced by at least 40% and maintenance costs by at least 60% by installing solar street lighting. Well, illuminated streets support traders and shoppers to operate safely, better visibility reduces the risk of accidents and makes the area safer.

Solar street lighting provides a better experience for the community, after the initial installation costs, the maintenance costs are extremely low. Overall solar enables governments a clean easy energy solution. Solar lighting has almost no operating costs because you put the lights up and leave the sun to do the rest.

Conversely, conventional lighting incurs large electricity bills and higher maintenance costs because dues to the fact bulbs need replacing frequently, those that live off the grid have no means of benefiting, so a solar solution would be the ideal option.

How does it work

During the day, the PV panel captures the Sun’s energy and stores it in a battery.

Then at dusk, the battery starts releasing the stored energy to power the LED light unit. Three-phase night schedule allows lighting intensity to be adjusted for optimal efficiency

Product Specifications

Photovoltaic module. Self-cleaning glass. High efficiency crystalline cells for optimal light capture in all weather conditions.

8 metre pole & crosspiece. Made of powder-coated galvanized steel, compliant with the EN40  standard for standard for wind load resistance.

Led light unit.High-performance, energy-efficient LED light unit: 20 to 120 watts nominal. Integral heat dispersion


5 years full warranty (basically, any failure that happens during 5 years is on Nexus Green, except accidents or vandalism. Full support from our engineers and technical team.  The solar lighting packages – complete with 8m poles and all the mechanical parts ready to be installed

Design, supply & installation up to 6 medium to large solar irrigation systems

For farmers across Africa, access to water is critical to producing crops, and with a good solar irrigation system, the very same farmers can have yearlong farming yields rather than the twice-yearly of short and long rain seasons, undoubtedly promoting better agricultural outcomes.

For farmers, solar power has become increasingly necessary for irrigation as a reliable, clean-energy solution for agricultural water management, especially in areas with high levels of solar radiation. A commodity that is freely available and through solar irrigation technology provides local farmers better planning and increased stocks to market at a highly cost effective and consistent way. A cleaner, more reliable solution that reduces the cost of farming significantly.

Training and Extension Services

Skills gaps for solar technicians we can address by incorporating training at community levels.
Lack of knowledge by rural farmers on solar options available. Capacity of solar pumps to meet irrigation requirement

Risk of Theft and Vandalism our project includes community interaction, community safeguarding, and community ops and maintenance

Solar Photovoltaic System

The solar panels used in our solar water pump systems produce electricity by using the photovoltaic effect. These solar panels absorb the sun’s photons and convert them into energy. This is the main component of a solar water pump system.

A group of solar panels is called an array. At Advanced Power, we create all of our own photovoltaic solar panels with durable material that will allow our solar panels to last for years to come

Water Pumps

The water pump is another part of the solar water pump system that is extremely important. Without the pump, you wouldn’t have a water pump system!

The pump is the piece of equipment that draws water from the source to be used for different applications. Water can be drawn from a well, pond, or other sources and used to help with agriculture, irrigation, and other settings.

Advanced Power offers our pumps in both AC and DC power. You can find submersible pumps, circulation pumps, booster pumps, and sump pumps in our collection of solar water pumps


When you invest in a solar water pump system, an inverter is another important component. Inverters are used to convert direct currents (DC) output into an alternating current (AC), which can be used to power electrical grids and off-grid electrical networks. 

This conversion is necessary for many electrical devices, including the water pumps, making inverters an important part of the solar pump system. The inverter from Advanced Power is a great source of backup power when you need it. If you find yourself struggling through cloudy or low-light days, an inverter can help to keep your water pump running, even without solar.


Solar pump systems are important in maximizing pump performance. Controllers can be used to essentially control the water pump. Advanced Power offers a variety of controllers that can help your water pump run more efficiently. Controllers can be used to set a pumping schedule, turn the pump on or off, and help maximize the life of your pump.

If you are pumping from a well or water source that often faces low water levels or dry situations, we offer controllers with water sensors, which will turn off the pump when water is low.

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