Solar Street Lighting

Illuminate Your Streets with Nexus Green’s Reliable and Eco-Friendly Solar Street Lighting

Governments throughout Africa are acutely aware of the need to address safety and security concerns on the streets and roads. Recognizing the immense benefits of solar street lighting, governments like Uganda have realized that installing these systems can reduce upfront costs by at least 40% and maintenance costs by at least 60%. Well-illuminated streets not only foster safer environments for traders and shoppers but also significantly mitigate the risk of accidents.

Solar street lighting revolutionizes the community experience, offering low maintenance costs after the initial installation. By harnessing the power of the sun, governments gain access to a clean and easy energy solution. Unlike conventional lighting, solar lighting has minimal operating costs as the lights rely solely on the sun’s energy for power. This makes it a highly cost-effective option for regions that lack grid connectivity.

Conventional lighting, on the other hand, results in substantial electricity bills and higher maintenance costs due to frequent bulb replacements. Those living off the grid are unable to benefit from traditional lighting solutions, making solar street lighting the ideal choice.

How Does Solar Street Lighting Work?

During daylight hours, the photovoltaic (PV) panel captures the sun’s energy and stores it in a battery system. As dusk sets in, the battery releases the stored energy to power the efficient LED light units. A three-phase night schedule allows for the adjustment of lighting intensity, optimizing energy efficiency.

Product Specifications and Features:

  1. Photovoltaic Module: Equipped with self-cleaning glass and high-efficiency crystalline cells, our solar street lighting ensures optimal light capture even in adverse weather conditions.
  2. 8-Meter Pole and Crosspiece: Made of powder-coated galvanized steel, our poles comply with the EN40 standard for wind load resistance, ensuring durability and stability.
  3. LED Light Unit: Our high-performance, energy-efficient LED light units range from 20 to 120 watts nominal. Designed with integral heat dispersion, they provide long-lasting illumination.

Warranty and Support:

Nexus Green stands behind the quality and reliability of our solar street lighting systems. We offer a comprehensive 5-year full warranty, covering any failure that occurs within the warranty period (excluding accidents or vandalism). Our experienced engineers and technical team are readily available to provide full support and assistance.

Choose Nexus Green for Dependable Solar Street Lighting Solutions:

With Nexus Green as your trusted partner, you can confidently illuminate your streets with reliable and eco-friendly solar street lighting. Enjoy the numerous benefits, including reduced costs, enhanced safety, and a sustainable energy solution for your community.

Contact Nexus Green today to explore our complete solar lighting packages, which include 8-meter poles and all necessary mechanical components ready for installation.


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