Nexus Green Empowers MotorCare Uganda with Sustainable Solar Solutions | Nissan Partnership

Witness the remarkable collaboration between Nexus Green and MotorCare Uganda, powered by Nissan, as they embrace sustainable energy solutions. Nexus Green successfully installed solar panels at two MotorCare sites, leading to a significant reduction of up to 65% in their monthly electricity bills. We are proud of our Nexus Green team’s efforts in making this achievement possible.

With the integration of our innovative app connected to their grid, the Nissan management team can effortlessly monitor their daily energy consumption. Our Nexus aftercare program ensures continuous monitoring and enables seamless communication with the Nissan team, fostering a sustainable energy partnership.

Join us on this exciting journey as Nexus Green continues to revolutionise the energy landscape, providing sustainable solutions for businesses like MotorCare Uganda and fostering a greener future together.

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